Corporate profile

The meridian group of companies develops, realizes and operates trend-setting projects for the production and use of renewable energies.

The focus of the company's activities is on wind and photovoltaic energy. The group of companies covers the entire value chain of project management in these business areas. The meridian group of companies has been active in these areas since 1996 and can therefore look back on many years of industry-specific experience. The highly qualified team of employees works together with competent local partners in order to find the best possible solutions for each project.

While the focus of the meridian group of companies was initially on the development and implementation of projects in Germany, in recent years it has also been pushing the expansion of business activities into attractive international markets in Europe.


The meridian group of companies projects, plans, builds and operates plants for the generation and use of renewable energies:

  • Project development / implementation for the wind power sector
  • Project development / implementation for the field of photovoltaics (roof-top, car park roofing and ground systems)
  • Commercial and technical management of wind power and photovoltaic systems in our own portfolio

Operational management

  • The business policy of the meridian group of companies is aimed at the operation of long-term, economically successful and technically reliable photovoltaic and wind systems. The projects implemented by the group of companies are held in-house, the remote monitoring and maintenance of which is carried out and coordinated by our operations management department in 24/7 mode.
  • The most important instrument are the internet-based real-time monitoring systems, which ensure that our operations management department can detect (partial) failures and malfunctions promptly via SMS and push mail and take appropriate action. We use a self-developed monitoring system (meridian PV-Eye) to monitor the photovoltaic systems.
  • In order to achieve the best possible system maintenance and short response times in the event of malfunctions, inhouse support is provided by the component manufacturers and other external service providers on site, depending on the requirements. Due to the close and long-term cooperation with the manufacturers, individual solutions for the old and new systems of the meridian group of companies have already been developed.