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The meridian group of companies develops, implements and operates trend-setting projects for the generation and use of renewable energies.

Wind power

The use of wind power for the generation of electrical energy has been an important business segment since the foundation of the company group. The success of the meridian company group in the wind energy segment is evidenced by numerous projects, which have been realized primarily at locations in Thuringia.

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The steady expansion of this business segment within Germany, but also in other European countries, is currently being actively promoted by the company group.

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Solar energy

Within the scope of the legally enacted energy transition, the meridian company group is also exploiting the potential of solar energy.

Throughout Germany, the group successfully operates a large number of photovoltaic plants in its own portfolio.

Since 2010, several photovoltaic plants have also been realized in the European market.


The meridian group of companies has been actively involved in the expansion of regenerative energies for more than 20 years and can look back on a long history of success with a large number of successfully implemented projects.